Arcturus Handgun Socks - Large, Wide Flexible Design (3.5" x 16") Easily Fits Your Pistol or Revolver. …

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  • PROVEN QUALITY: Identical to our highly-rated rifle socks, these pistols socks are built with the same high-quality protective material.
  • EXTRA LARGE: Designed to fit the largest commercial and collector handguns, this sock is sized at 3.5" x 17" and easily stretches to fit over aftermarket sights and tactical lights/lasers.
  • STORAGE AND TRANSPORT PROTECTION - Great for long term storage and transportation or travel. Protects from scratches and dirt.
  • SILICONE TREATED - Fabric does not hold moisture and will help protect your gun from oxidization and rust.
  • 2 PACK - Sold in packs of 2

These Arcturus handgun socks are a great investment to protect your pistols and revolvers. This wide, flexible sock will fit your firearm and any added accessories, while the silicone-impregnated fabric keeps moisture away from your gun. It has a drawstring enclosure on one end to keep your gun safe from dirt, scratches and rust.