Arcturus 3D Leaf Suit - Dark Woodland

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The Arcturus 3D Leaf Suit consists of a lightweight polyester mesh shell covered with over 1,000 leaves designed to break up your outline and form. These leaves give this suit amazing depth allowing you to blend into your environment. The entire suit weighs 18 oz (M/L size) and packs easily into the included carrying bag. Use this suit in heavily wooded and bush areas where a ghillie suit may snag too much. The leaves on this suit will not snag or catch brush and dirt.


  • Jacket with attached hood, zipper front and zipper pockets
  • Pants with elastic waist and draw cord
  • Silent
  • Very Lightweight, 18 oz total weight (M/L Size)
  • Over 1,000 3D leaves

Comes in two sizes, M/L (6'0" and under) and XL (6'1" and over). See size chart image for detailed measurements. 


For best results, use only non-bleach, scent-removing detergent and wash by hand in cold water. You may also wash this 3D Leaf Suit separately in cold water on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Schneider
Quality product

I was wanting a leafy suit for coyote hunting. I was debating between the Arcturus and another brand. I had some questions and the customer service with Arcturus was outstanding. My questions were answered quickly either by email or phone. The other company never responded to either one. Customer service always wins out with me and the lady that was helping me assured me that if I was completely happy with the color or any other aspect of the suit I could return it without any issues. I was looking for more neutral colors for fall and spring hunting so I went with the Dark Woodlands. Having tried it in a couple of different areas of Texas recently it was a good choice. I would have like to see just a little more green in the coloring. Arcturus also seemed to have more leaves on it than others when viewing them online. Arcturus sizing was also better than the competition I was researching. I think snaps would be better than a zipper on the jacket because if you don't take care you will catch leaves in it. It is very lightweight, quiet and comfortable when hunting hotter parts of spring. Price was good and I would recommend Arcturus to anyone looking for a leafy suit.

Linda Calloway
Super nice

ordered for 13 yr old grandson, he loves it! Ready for turkey season 🙂

Julie Brandes
Packs Easy

It was everything it was advertised to be. For my application I would of preferred a lighter color.