Arcturus Synthetic Ghillie Thread Bundles - 20" Length - 9 Colors

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Make your own ghillie suit using Arcturus' quality synthetic thread. This lightweight ghillie thread comes in 9 colors so you can match your ghillie suit to any woodland, desert, mountain or mossy environment.

Unlike natural jute thread, Arcturus synthetic ghillie thread is fire retardant, waterproof and rot proof. Our thread is pre-cut into approximately 18 inch lengths and each color is bundled separately.

Don't get weighed down by a heavy ghillie suit. Arcturus thread is about half the weight of conventional jute thread - each bundle weighs only a half of a pound. All polypropylene ghillie thread is waterproof, fire retardant, rot and mildew resistant, washable, odorless and non-allergenic. 

Available in 9 colors:

  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Olive
  4. Jade
  5. Forest
  6. Mossy
  7. Tan
  8. Woodland Mix (mix of the 7 standard colors)
  9. Dry Grass (mix of tan and olive)

Use the Arcturus Ghillie Suit Netting to make a complete ghillie poncho or cover a full ghillie suit. 

  • Use 4 bundles of thread to make a lightweight 3/4 length poncho, a full jacket or a full pair of pants.
  • Use 6 bundles of thread to make a lightweight full length poncho, or a full jacket or a full pair of pants plus an accessory such as a rifle wrap or boonie hat. 
  • Use 8 bundles of thread to make a heavy weight full length poncho or a full jacket and pants suit plus a rifle wrap or boonie hat.

    Customer Reviews

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    Robin Flood
    Woodland mix thread bundles

    Handy to add to the woodland ghillie to break up the “squares” and make the suit look more natural.
    My paintball friends hate me for it 😊


    My ghost gillie needed an update the multi-strand woodland bundle offered the perfect combination to create the invisibility I needed

    Tried By Fire Creations
    excellent quality, service and unbeatable customer service

    this is my second time ordering and will continue to order my ghillie suit material from here! can't beat the quality of the product, the colors that are delivered, and I receive my order extremely fast. keep up the good work guys, you have my business always and my recommendations.

    Great colors

    Very good colors and material is super nice