• Use a tailor's tape when taking your measurements. A carpenter's tape will not bend properly and your numbers will be off.
  • Tip: if you don't have a tailor's tape, simply use a string to measure yourself, then lay it flat and measure the string.
  • Chest (A): For chest measurement, wrap tape around the fullest part of your bare chest. We recommend selecting a size that’s 6-8'' greater than your bare chest measurementPlease note, depending on your body type or personal preference, 6-8'' may be too little or too much.
  • Sleeve (D): When measuring for sleeve length, hold your arms out at a slight angle, not straight down. Take your measurement from the center base of your neck to your first thumb knuckle. The sleeve cuff should fall around your thumb knuckle so that if you make a fist, your whole hand is covered.
  • Note: due to the nature of production, each measurement can vary up to 0.5".