Arcturus Outdoor Survival Blanket 60" x 82" - Coyote Brown

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The Arcturus All Weather Outdoor Survival Blanket is a super versatile blanket, a must have for hikers, campers and boaters. It's small, compact and easily fits in a backpack.  

MANY USES: Can be used as a ground tarp, shelter, tent or emergency blanket when camping, hunting, backpacking or boating. Keep one in the trunk of your car for the unexpected!

ALL WEATHER BLANKET: This unique blanket features a Mylar reflective side which can be used to reflect heat, create a radiant barrier, or signal for help. The other side is made of two layers of polypropylene, to se as a blanket, tarp or shelter.

LIGHTWEIGHT: This blanket weighs less than a pound and comes in its own waterproof carry bag. The blanket measures 60" x 82" (Approx. 5 ft x 7ft).

4 REINFORCED TIE-DOWN GROMMETS: We test these grommets constantly and regularly make improvements. This can be hung with ease or secured to reflect/deflect heat, and create a waterproof shelter.

    Customer Reviews

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    James White
    Awesome gear

    This survival blanket is more of a tarp for me. This is my third purchase. The large size makes a good quick shelter with the small ones making it into a tent. This size is an excellent ground cover for my sleep system. The weight is very good. The reflective side holds warmth in cold weather. I use this to make a bedroll with my sleep system which attaches to my rucksack with webbing or bungees. In use, the reinforced grommets have held up with stake or cordage hold downs. Overall this piece of gear works very well. I recommend it heartily.

    Lance V.
    Blanket is Great, Bag Needs Slight Improvement

    The blanket works well. Used it as a ground tarp in the Dixie National Forest in Utah and it held up quite well. The reinforced corners and large grommets are much appreciated. The carry bag would be better if the zipper went at least partially down each side. That would take some stress off the zipper ends when the bag is full open (and when stuffing the blanket in it), minimizing the chance the two sides of the zip becoming misaligned. Overall, a great purchase for the price.

    Mike Box
    My Opinion

    Not a true blanket as it is very thin but much better than nothing when needed. All else is as advertised. So many ways it can be used as manufacturer states. Particularly like the reinforced grommets. Not used yet but think it will hold up well. Purchased one for each vehicle if emergency arises.