Warrior Ghillie Suit

  • warriorghilliesuit field grass
  • warrior ghillie suit sage brush
  • warrior ghillie suit sagebrush 2
  • warrior ghillie suit field grass

Appropriately named the Warrior Ghillie Suit, this is a great, affordable ghillie suit for under $100.  Don't let the price fool you.  This is the ultimate 3D camouflage ghillie suit and it comes with everything you need to blend into any terrain.  Made with lightweight synthetic threads sewn onto a breathable digital jacket and pants and weighting in at 3 lbs, this ghillie suit won't weigh you down.  This synthetic material is fire retardent, mildew and moisture resistant.

This ghillie suit is 4 pieces and comes with a button down front jacket, pants with draw cords, a boonie hat which covers the entire face, and a rifle cover.  The entire suit comes in a stretchable carrying bag.